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Friday the 3rd of March saw the launch of  the Gallery @ Pikes’ Just in Time exhibition – a showcase by Clare Valley locals, Meg Mader, Lou White, Jan Lee, Kay Williams and Liz Heath. The gallery itself is a beautiful purpose-built space, both complimenting the works it housed, as well as accommodating the impressive turnout for the opening. Cathy and Andrew Pike ensured the guests were well looked after, with a generous portion of beverages and platters to choose from. It was a pleasure to view the works of the five artists; each with their own distinctive style – Meg Mader continues to deliver beautifully crafted watercolor works; breathing life into the flora and fauna she paints with masterful strokes. Lou White offers a vibrant study of the female form, asking the viewer to contemplate emotional state the character is in, while drawing our eyes to the beautiful textures and color she uses to populate the remainder of the canvas. Jan Lee has produced a series of works depicting birds of flight, producing an impressive photographic depth of field appearance with watercolours. Kay Williams shows her excellent understanding of light and skill with pastels with her works ‘Autumn in England’ and ‘The Old Bridge’. Liz Heath’s ‘Bonsai Cat’ immediately evoked the look and feel of ancient Japanese art – utilising solid colour with subtle rendering to produce a deeply soothing piece.

Exhibition facilitator Cathy Pike was very pleased with the outcome of the exhibition launch, stating, “This region needs Galleries to inspire local artists to continue with their creativity and we are happy to be the conduit”.


  • Jan Lee
    March 4, 2017, 2:47 pm  Reply

    Wow!! Excellent article!! Thanks to Meg Mader for promoting our local art group and to Cathy and Andrew Pike for giving us the opportunity to exhibit, get noticed and sell our works. It’s win win for everyone and helps create a great feel for the Clare Valley. Class venue, class wines!!!!

    • March 4, 2017, 3:38 pm

      Thank you for the kind words Jan. We love your work!

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