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The vision of the Mid North Visual and Performing Arts Association (VAPAA) is of a vibrant arts community in the Clare Valley and surrounding towns. It is one that is inclusive of all arts and encompasses the whole community.

Our objectives are to:


Provide leadership in the development of arts and cultural facilities in our region, engagement with artists and a voice for recognition for arts.


Develop community awareness and a love of art and help artists in developing their skills through strategic relationships and member benefits


Support and deliver extraordinary arts opportunities to the membership, local and wider community through all media and special events

VAPAA has a diversity of members representing individual amateur and professional artists and performers, galleries, festival bodies, businesses and interested supporters of the various arts represented in the Mid North.

Anyone with an interest in the arts is encouraged to join and participate.

VAPAA is a not for profit incorporated association, managed by a volunteer committee.  The current committee includes:

VAPAA - Mid North Visual and Performing Arts Association

Neville Sloss
VAPAA - Mid North Visual and Performing Arts Association

Anne Bastian
Jane Hamilton - VAPAA

Jane Hamilton

Stu Nankivell

Chris Meadows

The Annual General Meeting of VAPAA is coming up on August 31. Check in News and Events for details.

VAPAA is a partner in the new Clare Valley Wine Food and Tourism Centre where you can view and buy works from artists based in the Mid North, or of works featuring the region.